We Empower Entrepreneurs at the Intersection of Value and Transformational Change.

About Us

At Semillero, we help turn vision into reality by investing capital, expertise and care of global networks to drive growth and innovation across companies in the Food & Beverage, Food Tech and Wellness Industries.

We are passionate about sustainability, innovation and amplifying our capacity for impact in the world by harnessing the power of business and capital to support determined people, making a contribution to humankind.

We believe we can do well, by doing good.

Investment Themes

Food & Beverage

We help entrepreneurs rethink and redefine how we get our food and how we consume our food. Through our investments we aim to increase the long-term value of food and beverage companies in our communities.

Food Technology

Our Food Tech approach leverages innovation in food production to improve the quality and access of healthy products, while reducing environmental impact.


In today’s society we have to become conscious about how daily decisions impact our health and environment. We look for companies who work to improve quality of life and make the world a better place through the lens of Wellness.


Sustainability for us is not just an environmental issue, it is also about social equity and economic progress. We work with entrepreneurs who align with our vision of creating companies that will meet success today, without compromising the future of generations tomorrow.


Green Fuels
Robin Food
Farmer's Fridge
Imperfect Foods
Tasty Smart
Seal the Seasons
Splendid Spoon
Atlantic Sea Farms
Clínica Verde
Jack & Annie's
Clover Food Lab


“They are fully committed to being a part of our evolution and I can count on them not just to show up, but to always ask — how can we be of service to you?”

Nicole Centeno – Founder

“Semillero works with us hand in hand, guiding us, yet making it clear our decisions are ours.”

Jonelie and Ailed – Founders

“They challenge and made me think better, they help me be smarter as a human being.”

Alan Taveras – Founder





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